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The structure of the school

Name of school: Ignalina District Didziasalis „Rytas“ Gymnasium.

Address: Agarinio g. 10, Didžiasalio k., Didžiasalio sen., LT-30154 Ignalinos raj.


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The main type of activity: General Secondary Education.

Study languages: Lithuanian

Head mistress: Elena Sekonienė

The history of the school

Ignalina District Didžiasalis “Rytas” secondary school was established in 1978. There had been taught in the Lithuanian and Russian languages until 1994. In 1980, the school has graduated 17 students and it was the first graduation. 598 students attended this school in 1987/88 school year. It was the biggest number of students which the school has ever had.

On 27th June 2013, according to Ignalina district council decision No T-98 the name of Ignalina District Didziasalis „Rytas” Secondary School is changed to the name Ignalina District Didziasalis „Rytas” Gymnasium.

Today the school has 203 students from Didžiasalis and Tverečius sub districts. 

There are 23 teachers (7 of them are teacher-supervisors and 18 of them are senior-teachers), a special pedagogue, a special pedagogue-speech therapist, a social pedagogue, an assistant teacher, a pedagogue of non-formal education.

There is an ability to do different sports at school, because the school has got a gym, a stadium and a fitness gym.

The school develops non-formal and cognitive activity; also, there is an accredited Professional Information Point.

The school has got its own special tendency: to stimulate a society for an interest in history of their native land and ethnic culture. Our school is seeking to help students to realize their roots; also, to trace and maintain customs and traditions.